Fearless 14: Fish

This is the last pose of the Fearless Fourteen.  This post was supposed to happen on July 18th, and you may have noticed that today is the 22nd.  The 18th came and went, and I thought, "Eh, I'll just do it tomorrow."  Then, I got very homesick.  I felt too depressed to be a yoga … Continue reading Fearless 14: Fish

Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

We are almost finished with our challenge, but we are definitely not finished being fearless.  Tomorrow's pose is Supported Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana).  It's a relaxing inversion that can be tough on your neck if you don't treat your body with care.  If you feel neck pain during this pose, please stop. Only attempt this after … Continue reading Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

Fearless 14: Frog

I chose to include several hip openers in my challenge because many yogis have a love/hate relationship to them.  They feel divine to some, and make others want to run and hide.  I've had experience with both ends of the spectrum.  Having flexible strong hips can help with low back pain, knee, and even ankle … Continue reading Fearless 14: Frog