Teacher, Teach Thyself

"Only one who is finely attuned to the inner guide can inspire the awakening of the inner guide in another." - Swami Rama My practice has moved home the past several weeks.  I'm in this strange and unique place of being a part of a group of teachers that will be a part of a studio.  … Continue reading Teacher, Teach Thyself

Get off my Limb: Why Asana-only yoga is still yoga.

In my early twenties, I ordered the popular DVD workout series, "Yoga Booty Ballet" out of desperation to get a slammin' hot yoga bod.  My only exposure to yoga before this was another exercise DVD, but the Yoga Booty Ballet late night infomercial viewed after a evening of binge drinking had me convinced that I needed this in my … Continue reading Get off my Limb: Why Asana-only yoga is still yoga.

…and I Became Fearless

I do not look like your typical power yoga teacher/fitness professional.  There is no one that knows that more than me.  I put off taking a teacher training for years because I was waiting for the day when my body looked acceptable enough.  I waited for the day when I would feel comfortable wearing spandex … Continue reading …and I Became Fearless