Dear Fellow Pack Mules,

Before I left for the holidays, I was pretty bogged down with obligations.  Every morning I would tell myself, "Just get through 'x' and you can come home and rest again."  I may or may not have sang Gotta Get Thru This.(Yes, I know that song isn't about having too many things on your to do list.)  … Continue reading Dear Fellow Pack Mules,

No More Perfect Christmases

I had a moment while my husband not home to finally wrap his Christmas gifts, and I began foraging the apartment for left over gift wrap or boxes. None was to be found.  I came across a large stack of tissue paper, and I got the bright idea to make due with what I had.  I started rolling … Continue reading No More Perfect Christmases

Love the One You’re With

"Well, there's a rose in a fisted glove..." - Stephen Stills From the age 19 until about 27, I lived alone, and I liked it.  I didn't particularly like being around people for long periods of time, and I was perfectly okay with that.  Around 2011, when my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I decided we should try … Continue reading Love the One You’re With

It Defined You

I remember sitting in my first TIMBo facilitator training pouring my heart out about my past and making the declaration, "I know that this experience doesn't define me." A trainer stopped me, "But, it DID define you.  You can't have that experience and it NOT shape you...and that's a good thing." My brain recognized this … Continue reading It Defined You

Take the Shame out of “Fitspiration”

Remember when motivational posters were just pictures of kittens holding onto limbs under the caption, "Hang in there?"  If you've spent any amount of time on Instagram and Pinterest, you have seen the emotional dysfunction minefield that is often labeled as #motivational.  Sadly, many of these graphics use the same tactics as pro-ana (pro-anorexia) websites: selling … Continue reading Take the Shame out of “Fitspiration”

One Paintbrush. One Masterpiece.

"Your body is not your masterpiece.  It is the paintbrush used to create your masterpiece each day." -Glennon Doyle MeltonI love the beach.  It's kind of the main thing I love about living in New Hampshire.  I love the ocean because it makes me feel small in the best way possible.  If the water isn't … Continue reading One Paintbrush. One Masterpiece.

The Key to Lasting Change? Lower Your Standards

The type A critic within me is dying a little every time I read that sentence: "Lower Your Standards." If you are reading that and you are thinking, "But...but...but," I encourage you to open your mind, take a deep breath, and bear with me.  I am a recovering perfection-a-holic.  I think almost every Monday for … Continue reading The Key to Lasting Change? Lower Your Standards

The Skin We Are In

It's summer, and the clothes are coming off.  If you are feeling a little body acceptance challenged, a harmless pool party or trip to the beach can turn into a day (or more) of feeling anxious, inadequate, and isolated.  I have spent a lifetime hating myself and how I looked, but when I reached the age of … Continue reading The Skin We Are In

Your Undivided Attention

Today, I sat down to eat lunch, and I was also catching up on my emails.  I was trying to eat this beautiful leftover pasta dish with homemade pesto from the basil I grew right outside my front door, and I'm fiddling with this electronic device.  I tried to eat and not worry about my phone for a … Continue reading Your Undivided Attention