HOLY HIPS!: Hip Mobility Workshop in Exeter, NH

December 12, 2015, 2:00-4:00pm Seacoast Power Yoga, Exeter, NH Do you regularly practice yoga, but feel like you are making no progress with your hip flexibility? If poses like Half Pigeon and Frog always seem more like torture than yoga, then you probably have challenges with hip mobility. Whether you spend most of your days … Continue reading HOLY HIPS!: Hip Mobility Workshop in Exeter, NH

Compassionate Recovery

This weekend I had the honor of participating in a Yoga Mala benefiting SATYA - Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action.  I was a little nervous at the beginning just at the thought of doing 108 Sun Salutations.  Doing 108 of anything is a pretty daunting task. At the beginning, I was surprised at how well I … Continue reading Compassionate Recovery

Practical Mindfulness Workshop Starting January 18th in Exeter, NH

"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself." - Abraham Maslow Make 2015 the year that you changed your life. Would you like less stress? More productivity? Enhanced focus? More compassion and insight? Mindfulness meditation can be that powerful tool for change. In this three class series, you will … Continue reading Practical Mindfulness Workshop Starting January 18th in Exeter, NH

Happy Birthday to All of Us

It's the eve of my 32nd birthday, and my mind is simply boggled when I look back at all the changes 2014 has brought me.  This year, I finished my yoga teacher training, moved across the country, changed careers, and fell into this kind of crazy whirlwind of a life.  I am amazed sometimes at … Continue reading Happy Birthday to All of Us

There You Are

Today, I had the opportunity to have my photo taken for the Seacoast Power Yoga website.  I say it's an opportunity for a reason.  Having my picture taken used to be a great source of anxiety for me.  Over the years, I had learned all the hand and arm positions, body postures, clothing, and props … Continue reading There You Are