WeCroak Day 4: Emotional Rollercoaster

This post is part of a series inspired by the death contemplation app:  WeCroak.  These events happened a few days ago.   At 9 pm last night we were told that the seller received five offers and had not accepted any yet, but would let us know by 5 pm today.  We were encouraged to put … Continue reading WeCroak Day 4: Emotional Rollercoaster

WeCroak Day 3: You can’t take it with you

My husband and I are looking for a house. It's a buyer's market, and houses in our price range that aren't rotten former meth labs are gone in a matter of hours. One thing good about the app's death reminders is that they had reminded me that getting upset over not getting a house is … Continue reading WeCroak Day 3: You can’t take it with you