Out of My Way

As a yoga teacher, I try to talk a little on patience and compassion in class.  I have a bit of patience for holding Frog pose, but yesterday at 5:30 pm at the grocery store, I noticed I was a lot like most of the other people there.  I was ready to get in, get … Continue reading Out of My Way

What To Do When You Aren’t In Control

I've been going through a lot of old blog post drafts.  I had about 20 different ongoing "ideas" that never came into actual internet fruition.  Some were fully fleshed out, but at the time I was writing them I didn't think they were ready.  Then, I returned to them with fresh eyes, and they seemed … Continue reading What To Do When You Aren’t In Control

So Many Stories. Just Enough Time.

Last week, I was making coffee so that my brain could function for my 5:45 am class, and I had the thought, "I don't feel right. I can't do anything until I feel right."  My mind started to claw and concoct ways to get out of every obligation.  I gazed down at my planner, and … Continue reading So Many Stories. Just Enough Time.

Don’t Wait Another Second…

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the clouds to clear?  Waiting for everyone else to catch up?  Waiting for the day it "feels right?"  the moment you have all the approval you need?  to lose those last 20 pounds? None of those things are guaranteed to arrive.  You can spend a lifetime waiting … Continue reading Don’t Wait Another Second…

Your Humble Warrior

Last week, I had the great honor to teach a class at my yoga home, YogaGypsy in Springdale.  This was the class required to complete my yoga teacher training program, and I actually felt pretty prepared.  I had a few delusions of grandeur beforehand, and I was pretty sure everyone's minds would be blown by some … Continue reading Your Humble Warrior