BYEDD: Prayer Twist

Today's Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day pose is:  Prayer Twist or Parivrtta Utkatasana. Start in Chair pose. Bring your hands together at the chest, and twist from the waist. The waist twisting motion is similar to Twisting Crescent.  Hands are pressed together equally.  Hips should be equal or lower than the shoulders.  Also, be sure to … Continue reading BYEDD: Prayer Twist

BYEDD: Downward Facing Dog

All this month we are doing Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day (or BYEDD for short).  Today's pose is Downward Facing Dog.  This pose is considered a resting pose, but if you are a beginner to yoga or physical activity, it can feel very much the opposite of rest.  Yogis talk a lot about some of … Continue reading BYEDD: Downward Facing Dog

Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day: Child’s Pose

This month, I'm focusing on getting back to the basics.  I talked before about having doubts about my teaching, my practice, and even myself, and I think the best method for dealing with it all is just to quiet all the external input and get back to what you know.  In regards to yoga, Baptiste … Continue reading Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day: Child’s Pose

Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

We are almost finished with our challenge, but we are definitely not finished being fearless.  Tomorrow's pose is Supported Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana).  It's a relaxing inversion that can be tough on your neck if you don't treat your body with care.  If you feel neck pain during this pose, please stop. Only attempt this after … Continue reading Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

Day 11: Boat

Happy Mother's Day!  I've been spending a lot of time with my mother today so I haven't had the time to write too much until now.  Today's pose is Boat pose or Navasana. Here is my Boat in a dirty parking lot next to the Waffle House.  No mat.  No problem! Make sure you aren't … Continue reading Day 11: Boat

Day 9: Crow

It's Day 9, and today we are doing Crow pose or Kakasana.  Some people use this term interchangeably with Crane pose (Bakasana), but they are two different poses...and two different birds for that matter. Crow is a challenging arm balance for beginners, but it's also kind of the gateway drug of arm balances.  Getting proficient at … Continue reading Day 9: Crow