Keep Coming Back

After my Friday morning run I was shocked and elated to hear my running app announce: "Congratulations!..."  I had just run my fastest mile EVER.  We didn't have fitness apps in the 80's, but I know I couldn't run as fast as I do now.  During the elementary gym class one mile run, I would be … Continue reading Keep Coming Back

There You Are

Today, I had the opportunity to have my photo taken for the Seacoast Power Yoga website.  I say it's an opportunity for a reason.  Having my picture taken used to be a great source of anxiety for me.  Over the years, I had learned all the hand and arm positions, body postures, clothing, and props … Continue reading There You Are

May I Begin?

We are about to embark on an exciting journey in May.  It's Momma's first Instagram challenge!  I used to hate these.  In the past, I felt like the people who participated were just very bendy people showing off.  There aren't usually a lot of people posting in these challenges that looked like me.  When I found the … Continue reading May I Begin?