Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

We are almost finished with our challenge, but we are definitely not finished being fearless.  Tomorrow's pose is Supported Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana).  It's a relaxing inversion that can be tough on your neck if you don't treat your body with care.  If you feel neck pain during this pose, please stop. Only attempt this after … Continue reading Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

Day 28: Plow

It's Day 28, and the pose is Plow or Halasana. I meant to post this picture yesterday, but honestly, I couldn't do this pose.  It was morning.  I warmed up, but my neck was still stiff.   Be kind to your cervical spine folks.  You don't win points for permanently injuring your neck.  Today, however, … Continue reading Day 28: Plow

Day 4: Wheel Pose

It's Day 4 of the Instagram Challenge, and today we are doing Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana.  I decided to take it to the park since it is so beautiful outside.  I did this pose without a mat to really get in touch with the ground and nature. It felt awesome until I broke out in a … Continue reading Day 4: Wheel Pose