Keep Coming Back

After my Friday morning run I was shocked and elated to hear my running app announce: "Congratulations!..."  I had just run my fastest mile EVER.  We didn't have fitness apps in the 80's, but I know I couldn't run as fast as I do now.  During the elementary gym class one mile run, I would be … Continue reading Keep Coming Back

Prefer the Good

"The wise prefer the good to the pleasant." - Katha Upanishad, 2.1 I love my class of teenagers.  Although, they present challenges not seen in most "paying adult" yoga classes, they are probably my best teachers. They are not afraid to ask questions: "Should I feel a stabbing pain in my knee?" Probably not. When holding Wheel pose … Continue reading Prefer the Good

Take the Shame out of “Fitspiration”

Remember when motivational posters were just pictures of kittens holding onto limbs under the caption, "Hang in there?"  If you've spent any amount of time on Instagram and Pinterest, you have seen the emotional dysfunction minefield that is often labeled as #motivational.  Sadly, many of these graphics use the same tactics as pro-ana (pro-anorexia) websites: selling … Continue reading Take the Shame out of “Fitspiration”

Cure for the “I Don’t Feel Like It”s

I don't feel like it. Upon rising from my alarm, it was the first thing that popped into my head yesterday morning.  I didn't want to go for a run like I had planned.  I didn't want to go to my doctor appointment.  I didn't want to leave my home.  Why? I don't feel like … Continue reading Cure for the “I Don’t Feel Like It”s

Know Your Blind Spots

Last weekend I was able to attend a workshop with Rolf Gates.  I these short workshops a ton of information gets thrown at you, and in the moment it's inspiring.  When I get home I try to remember or explain something that was said, and I can't remember a thing.  I have almost no idea what he … Continue reading Know Your Blind Spots

Get Out of Bed Yoga

Yesterday's post about depression got me thinking.  There are times when we feel so bad that the notion of getting dressed and heading out into the world for a yoga class is too far of a leap.  Today, I made a class that meets you where you are.  All you have to do is roll over … Continue reading Get Out of Bed Yoga

Don’t Wait Another Second…

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the clouds to clear?  Waiting for everyone else to catch up?  Waiting for the day it "feels right?"  the moment you have all the approval you need?  to lose those last 20 pounds? None of those things are guaranteed to arrive.  You can spend a lifetime waiting … Continue reading Don’t Wait Another Second…