No One’s Coming for You

About two years ago, I was teaching yoga at 5:45 am.  I'm not what people would consider "a morning person." I don't naturally get up that early or particularly like it.  But at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  I felt about teaching early morning the way professional dog poop picker-uppers feel about … Continue reading No One’s Coming for You

Unhooking Yourself

“I stand in the way of the things I can be.” ― Moby This week I drove to Lake Fayetteville for a run, and as I pulled out my phone to start my running playlist, I saw an email notification with the first few words of a message.  In the few seconds I took to read it, … Continue reading Unhooking Yourself

Helplessness Blues

Lately, I've been thinking of that poster that hangs in a lot of elementary classrooms: "Before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?" This election touched a big nerve with me, as it did for a lot of people regardless of political beliefs, and I've been doing a lot of breathing and … Continue reading Helplessness Blues


On Wednesday afternoon, I stood in my local Sephora, glazed over.  Christmas music was already playing and pounding in my ears. "Can I help you find anything?" I was asked for the third time in five minutes. "'m wandering aimlessly." She blinked at me, and I looked down at the deep plum tinted lipstick in … Continue reading Troublemaker

Trash to Treasure

I'm reading Marie Kondo's book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up," which is coincidentally kind of magically changing my life.  Sorting through all of my stuff has been eye-opening about my own habits and has required me to delve into my own memories.  I couldn't fully grasp what all was hidden in my closets … Continue reading Trash to Treasure

There’s a Lesson in there Somewhere

The week after my husband's grandmother and our cat died, we started an herb garden.  I know how healing it can be to get your hands in some dirt, and it was something that helped me when my father passed.  It didn't matter how down I felt, or where I was in my own grieving process, being around … Continue reading There’s a Lesson in there Somewhere

Meditation Isn’t Going Relax You

I am starting to record my guided meditations again, and it seems everywhere I turn, there's a lot of opinions about the efficacy of mindfulness being thrown around.  One of the most common ones I hear is, "Oh, I tried to meditate, but it didn't work because my mind goes all over the place."  I'm sure these … Continue reading Meditation Isn’t Going Relax You

LB Meditations Podcast: Nature

After a bit of a break, I'm bringing back my guided meditations.  You must be as excited as I am!    While I love a nice long guided meditation, I'm working to do some shorter ones for beginners, mind wanderers, or the chronically busy.  The audio here is available for Google Chrome, Safari, or by searching … Continue reading LB Meditations Podcast: Nature

One Whole System

This morning I awoke to some very similar physical symptoms. My eyes and face are swollen, dull headache, and my muscles are sore. I had ten hours of sleep, and I am still very tired. These are all the markers of my particular brand of the "TIMBo hangover." I have finished another four intense days … Continue reading One Whole System

Meet Me On The Other Side of the Street

Last year, I was finishing my facilitator training with TIMBo and preparing to facilitate my first group.  I didn't do much marketing for it other than writing this very long email to the yoga studio about "my story."  Frankly, after I wrote it and sent it out I wanted to hide under a rock.  I just … Continue reading Meet Me On The Other Side of the Street