WeCroak Day 4: Emotional Rollercoaster

This post is part of a series inspired by the death contemplation app:  WeCroak.  These events happened a few days ago.   At 9 pm last night we were told that the seller received five offers and had not accepted any yet, but would let us know by 5 pm today.  We were encouraged to put … Continue reading WeCroak Day 4: Emotional Rollercoaster

WeCroak Day 3: You can’t take it with you

My husband and I are looking for a house. It's a buyer's market, and houses in our price range that aren't rotten former meth labs are gone in a matter of hours. One thing good about the app's death reminders is that they had reminded me that getting upset over not getting a house is … Continue reading WeCroak Day 3: You can’t take it with you

Episode 4 – Mo’ Yoga Money. Mo’ Problems.

This week Lauren discusses updates in the latest Alo/Cody app vs. Dana Falsetti lawsuit. Mostly she talks about money and yoga. Does yoga and capitalism mix? Does the world owe you a living wage as a yoga teacher? Is a yoga sponsorship the end all be all of yogic success? Should yoga teachers live in … Continue reading Episode 4 – Mo’ Yoga Money. Mo’ Problems.

Your yoga teacher is mentally ill

"You will ultimately have to let go of all your self-images to be free." - Christopher Wallis Yesterday, I went for a run, and when I arrived back to my apartment my hands, arms, and legs began to shake. Exercise-induced anxiety is what they call it. Supposedly, it's fairly common. We over (or under) breathe, … Continue reading Your yoga teacher is mentally ill

Unhooking Yourself

“I stand in the way of the things I can be.” ― Moby This week I drove to Lake Fayetteville for a run, and as I pulled out my phone to start my running playlist, I saw an email notification with the first few words of a message.  In the few seconds I took to read it, … Continue reading Unhooking Yourself

5 Reasons You Need Private Yoga Lessons

When you think of the words, "private yoga instructor" what other associations come to mind?  Unaffordable? Only for people that are way fancier and richer than me?  For a long time, I thought private yoga lessons were for people who thought they were too good to "be with the masses" in a regular drop-in class...that … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need Private Yoga Lessons

Helplessness Blues

Lately, I've been thinking of that poster that hangs in a lot of elementary classrooms: "Before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?" This election touched a big nerve with me, as it did for a lot of people regardless of political beliefs, and I've been doing a lot of breathing and … Continue reading Helplessness Blues