Return to Form

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing. I didn’t think I had anything to write about.  I did. I was wondering if people even read anymore.  I wasn’t reading anymore. I took all my opinions over to Instagram.  I like videos, but they aren’t the same as writing.  They don’t feel as therapeutic as taking myContinue reading “Return to Form”

We Croak.

I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t been in the best place. Maybe it’s the fuck waffle that is the government right now. Maybe I haven’t adjusted to living in Arkansas again as much as I would like to admit. My husband and I are looking for a house, which is exciting, butContinue reading “We Croak.”

Unhooking Yourself

“I stand in the way of the things I can be.” ― Moby This week I drove to Lake Fayetteville for a run, and as I pulled out my phone to start my running playlist, I saw an email notification with the first few words of a message.  In the few seconds I took to read it,Continue reading “Unhooking Yourself”

One Eye on the Goal

“When you have one eye on the goal, you only have one eye on the path.”  – Zen proverb When I was six, I was hospitalized for a tick-borne illness, and I was unable to walk for sometime.  When I was better, my doctor had me demonstrate my run for him.  As little six yearContinue reading “One Eye on the Goal”

Helplessness Blues

Lately, I’ve been thinking of that poster that hangs in a lot of elementary classrooms: “Before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” This election touched a big nerve with me, as it did for a lot of people regardless of political beliefs, and I’ve been doing a lot of breathing andContinue reading “Helplessness Blues”