What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

Two years ago, I finished my yoga teacher training, and I embarked on my first Instagram challenge and even blogged about it here.  I noticed that not every yogi on the internet looked like me, and I wanted to add to some diversity of images.  And by diversity, I mean diversity of ability.  I felt at the … Continue reading What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

Day 29: Wild Thing (or Flip Your Dog)

I cannot believe it's Day 29.  I have yoga'd SO MUCH this month, and I truly had (and am still having) a blast.  Today's pose is Wild Thing or Camatkarasana. I cannot get into the full expression of the pose, but I will be demonstrating how to "Flip Your Dog" which is similar, and great … Continue reading Day 29: Wild Thing (or Flip Your Dog)

Day 28: Plow

It's Day 28, and the pose is Plow or Halasana. I meant to post this picture yesterday, but honestly, I couldn't do this pose.  It was morning.  I warmed up, but my neck was still stiff.   Be kind to your cervical spine folks.  You don't win points for permanently injuring your neck.  Today, however, … Continue reading Day 28: Plow

Day 26: Eight Angle Pose

It's Day 26, and the pose of the day is Eight Angle Pose or Astavakrasana. Okay, to be honest, this is one of those poses that is not part of my daily practice.  I think I had an aversion to arm balances because I identified with not being good at them.  I realize now though that … Continue reading Day 26: Eight Angle Pose

Day 25: Half Moon

Day 25 is Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana. This is a balancing pose that can be challenging for beginners. You can use a block to steady yourself. If you are still having trouble balancing, try this modification: Hinge forward at the hips. Take your right leg straight behind you so you are standing on one … Continue reading Day 25: Half Moon

Day 24: Monkey

Day 23 was Tree pose again so I didn't do a post for that yesterday.  Onward to new things! Today is Day 24, and that means it's time for Monkey pose or Hanumanasana.  This pose is scary.  Okay, so maybe that's me projecting all of my fears onto you guys.  Nevertheless, Monkey can be intimidating, and I … Continue reading Day 24: Monkey

Day 20: Upward Facing Dog

It's Day 20, and we are doing Upward Facing Dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. If you've been following these Instagram Challenge posts this month, you might notice a common thread.  There's a lot of "checking your ego at the door" with yoga.  Upward Facing Dog is no different. If this pose is too intense or … Continue reading Day 20: Upward Facing Dog

Day 19: Side Plank

It's Day 19, and we are doing Side Plank or Vasisthasana. This pose has always been a struggle for me because of a previous shoulder injury. One shoulder is way better at side plank than the other. If you are having a hard time balancing or are still building upper body strength, try lowering your bottom … Continue reading Day 19: Side Plank