There’s a Lesson in there Somewhere

The week after my husband's grandmother and our cat died, we started an herb garden.  I know how healing it can be to get your hands in some dirt, and it was something that helped me when my father passed.  It didn't matter how down I felt, or where I was in my own grieving process, being around … Continue reading There’s a Lesson in there Somewhere

Holding on and Saying Nothing

Two weeks ago we had to put down our sixteen year old cat, Milly.  One thing that makes this particular loss hard is my own beliefs about it.  I notice having thoughts like, "Well, she wasn't a person."  I'm trying to talk myself out of grieving for that old kitty.  It's quite possible that trying to talk myself … Continue reading Holding on and Saying Nothing

Love the One You’re With

"Well, there's a rose in a fisted glove..." - Stephen Stills From the age 19 until about 27, I lived alone, and I liked it.  I didn't particularly like being around people for long periods of time, and I was perfectly okay with that.  Around 2011, when my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I decided we should try … Continue reading Love the One You’re With