Episode 4 – Mo’ Yoga Money. Mo’ Problems.

This week Lauren discusses updates in the latest Alo/Cody app vs. Dana Falsetti lawsuit. Mostly she talks about money and yoga. Does yoga and capitalism mix? Does the world owe you a living wage as a yoga teacher? Is a yoga sponsorship the end all be all of yogic success? Should yoga teachers live in … Continue reading Episode 4 – Mo’ Yoga Money. Mo’ Problems.

Episode 3 – Internet Overlords

This week, Lauren talks about wanting to "quit the internet" again. Should we all quit social media? What about the "bots"? Is getting Insta-famous the only way to make any money at this gig? She gives her hot take on all that internet drama and includes a little about the latest lawsuits Alo Yoga/Cody app … Continue reading Episode 3 – Internet Overlords

The Pose Is Not About the Pose

Before I began my teacher training, I had a lot of expectations.  I thought that in six months I was going to be doing handstands, Chaturangas, and sticking my leg over my head because that's what this yoga stuff is all about, right?  Well my training came and went, and I quickly realized that not only … Continue reading The Pose Is Not About the Pose