Episode 5 – Did I join a cult?

Did you watch "Wild Wild Country" on Netflix? Lauren talks about her Osho Tarot deck that she bought fifteen years ago not knowing anything about Osho. (Does divination and Zen Buddhism mix?) She also talks about some questions the film left her with. Where'd Rajneesh get all that dang money? What happened to the children … Continue reading Episode 5 – Did I join a cult?

All You Need to Know About Chaturanga

Y'all.  You know I have Chaturanga issues.  I've talked about this pendulum I'm on from strife to acceptance for years.    Well, in February, that ended. Nagging shoulder pain? Gone. Inability to "do it perfectly"?  Um, I actually could do it. Check out this segment of J. Brown's Gentle Is the New Advanced that will change your Chaturanga … Continue reading All You Need to Know About Chaturanga

Day 26: Eight Angle Pose

It's Day 26, and the pose of the day is Eight Angle Pose or Astavakrasana. Okay, to be honest, this is one of those poses that is not part of my daily practice.  I think I had an aversion to arm balances because I identified with not being good at them.  I realize now though that … Continue reading Day 26: Eight Angle Pose