Episode 3 – Internet Overlords

This week, Lauren talks about wanting to "quit the internet" again. Should we all quit social media? What about the "bots"? Is getting Insta-famous the only way to make any money at this gig? She gives her hot take on all that internet drama and includes a little about the latest lawsuits Alo Yoga/Cody app … Continue reading Episode 3 – Internet Overlords

What a Yoga Practice Looks Like

"To be a miner of diamonds, take care of your picks and shovels.  To be a miner of your spiritual Self, take care of your body, breath, and mind.  But don't confuse the tools and the goals."   -Swami Jnaneshvara This is the second part of my yoga social media experiment that I talked about last … Continue reading What a Yoga Practice Looks Like

What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

Two years ago, I finished my yoga teacher training, and I embarked on my first Instagram challenge and even blogged about it here.  I noticed that not every yogi on the internet looked like me, and I wanted to add to some diversity of images.  And by diversity, I mean diversity of ability.  I felt at the … Continue reading What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

The Real Reason Behind the Yoga Selfie Debate

The Real Reason Behind the Yoga Selfie Debate Recently, I was seething at a popular blog article that referred to selfies as “yoga porn.” After a fuming tirade to about five hundred of my closest internet acquaintances, I began to ask myself some questions. What is it about this topic that gets under my skin? … Continue reading The Real Reason Behind the Yoga Selfie Debate

I Think I Can’t

I've been participating in an Instagram yoga challenge this month designed to help you get your legs over your head.  I doubt getting my legs over my head is going to happen any time soon; nonetheless, it's been a pretty eye-opening (err...and hip-opening also) experience.   In the beginning, I wasn't having much problem with any of … Continue reading I Think I Can’t