BYEDD: Chaturanga Dandasana

OH, DEAR GOD it's Chaturanga!  I have had many many feelings about this pose.  Most of those feelings are negative.  Many people say that Chaturanga Dandasana is horrible for your shoulders, and that to do this pose is to disable your arms for the rest of eternity.  While injury is likely if you do this … Continue reading BYEDD: Chaturanga Dandasana

Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day: Child’s Pose

This month, I'm focusing on getting back to the basics.  I talked before about having doubts about my teaching, my practice, and even myself, and I think the best method for dealing with it all is just to quiet all the external input and get back to what you know.  In regards to yoga, Baptiste … Continue reading Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day: Child’s Pose

Day 18: Heron or Seated Head to Knee

So, Day 18 is Heron pose.  And I have to confess: I can't do it.  I REALLY wanted to do it.  I gave it a shot, but it just wasn't coming together.  In Day 17's post, I talked about meeting your body where its at, and not giving too much meaning to whether you can … Continue reading Day 18: Heron or Seated Head to Knee

Your Humble Warrior

Last week, I had the great honor to teach a class at my yoga home, YogaGypsy in Springdale.  This was the class required to complete my yoga teacher training program, and I actually felt pretty prepared.  I had a few delusions of grandeur beforehand, and I was pretty sure everyone's minds would be blown by some … Continue reading Your Humble Warrior