WeCroak, Day 2: A Touching Career

So, I know in the last post I said that I was doing my WeCroak app inspired writings everyday, and you haven't seen much.  That's because it's all been taking place on my email list.  I'll put them up here on a three day delay.  Just so you know, I tend to take out certain … Continue reading WeCroak, Day 2: A Touching Career

The Yoga of Outrage

"Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined. " - The Bhagavad Gita, 2.63 I am angry.  I am angry because that feels better than being hopelessly sad.  I'm left with the same … Continue reading The Yoga of Outrage

Meet Me On The Other Side of the Street

Last year, I was finishing my facilitator training with TIMBo and preparing to facilitate my first group.  I didn't do much marketing for it other than writing this very long email to the yoga studio about "my story."  Frankly, after I wrote it and sent it out I wanted to hide under a rock.  I just … Continue reading Meet Me On The Other Side of the Street

Love the One You’re With

"Well, there's a rose in a fisted glove..." - Stephen Stills From the age 19 until about 27, I lived alone, and I liked it.  I didn't particularly like being around people for long periods of time, and I was perfectly okay with that.  Around 2011, when my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I decided we should try … Continue reading Love the One You’re With

Out of My Way

As a yoga teacher, I try to talk a little on patience and compassion in class.  I have a bit of patience for holding Frog pose, but yesterday at 5:30 pm at the grocery store, I noticed I was a lot like most of the other people there.  I was ready to get in, get … Continue reading Out of My Way

It Defined You

I remember sitting in my first TIMBo facilitator training pouring my heart out about my past and making the declaration, "I know that this experience doesn't define me." A trainer stopped me, "But, it DID define you.  You can't have that experience and it NOT shape you...and that's a good thing." My brain recognized this … Continue reading It Defined You

What To Do When You Aren’t In Control

I've been going through a lot of old blog post drafts.  I had about 20 different ongoing "ideas" that never came into actual internet fruition.  Some were fully fleshed out, but at the time I was writing them I didn't think they were ready.  Then, I returned to them with fresh eyes, and they seemed … Continue reading What To Do When You Aren’t In Control

The Skin We Are In

It's summer, and the clothes are coming off.  If you are feeling a little body acceptance challenged, a harmless pool party or trip to the beach can turn into a day (or more) of feeling anxious, inadequate, and isolated.  I have spent a lifetime hating myself and how I looked, but when I reached the age of … Continue reading The Skin We Are In

Let Them See You Sweat

I was not made for airplane travel.  Even on the most uneventful of flights I get nauseous, nervous, my hands and feet swell.  Don't get me started on airport security.  I already assume I am doing something wrong in my everyday life, and you add in uniformed people patting me down for weapons, looking in my bags, … Continue reading Let Them See You Sweat

BYEDD: Forward Fold & Halfway Lift

Today's Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day is about two poses in the Sun Salutation often seen as lackluster.  Forward Fold (Uttanasana) and Halfway Lift (Urdhva Mukha Uttanasana) look easy, but they actually require a bit of body awareness and concentration to execute.  The Sanskrit word "Ut" in Uttanasana means intense which I found confusing as … Continue reading BYEDD: Forward Fold & Halfway Lift