Pose Tutorial: Hot-Mess-Asana

As a long time yoga practitioner, I know the benefits of taking my problems to my mat.  Sometimes the most insurmountable problems can look like molehills after a few minutes in a class.  Then, there are those other days.  Those days when there's only one asana you can maintain, and it's Hot-Mess-Asana. I'm not talking … Continue reading Pose Tutorial: Hot-Mess-Asana

Get Out of Bed Yoga

Yesterday's post about depression got me thinking.  There are times when we feel so bad that the notion of getting dressed and heading out into the world for a yoga class is too far of a leap.  Today, I made a class that meets you where you are.  All you have to do is roll over … Continue reading Get Out of Bed Yoga

Doesn’t It Feel Good to Take Care of Yourself?

This morning, I treated myself with a massage.  I cannot afford to do it on a regular basis, but since my shoulder injury is still nagging at me, I decided go ahead and spend the money in hopes of finding some relief.  Afterwards, I felt great.  I was sitting a bit taller.  My neck and … Continue reading Doesn’t It Feel Good to Take Care of Yourself?

Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

We are almost finished with our challenge, but we are definitely not finished being fearless.  Tomorrow's pose is Supported Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana).  It's a relaxing inversion that can be tough on your neck if you don't treat your body with care.  If you feel neck pain during this pose, please stop. Only attempt this after … Continue reading Fearless 14: Supported Shoulderstand

Fearless 14: Frog

I chose to include several hip openers in my challenge because many yogis have a love/hate relationship to them.  They feel divine to some, and make others want to run and hide.  I've had experience with both ends of the spectrum.  Having flexible strong hips can help with low back pain, knee, and even ankle … Continue reading Fearless 14: Frog

Fearless 14: Bow

Tomorrow's pose is Bow pose or Dhanurasana.  This pose is one I used to hate.  Actually, I don't like it too much now, but that's why I've included it in this challenge.  If you take a yoga teacher training, be prepared to find yourself asking, "What ELSE makes me uncomfortable?"  You will become a seeker … Continue reading Fearless 14: Bow

Fearless 14: Savasana

I had originally planned for Savasana (or Corpse pose) to be your last pose of the challenge.  After moving furniture for two days, I'm beat.  I was trying to push through it for the sake of fearlessness, but honestly, my body is wiped.  Many people (and sometimes myself unfortunately), associate rest with weakness.  Sometimes it … Continue reading Fearless 14: Savasana

Fearless 14: Knees-Chest-Chin

You've made it to Day 4!  Vinyasa classes usually incorporate some Sun Salutations.  If you aren't familiar with the sequence, you can get more details in my post about Yoga Malas.  One of the hardest (and most confusing) parts of the Sun Salutation is Chaturanga Dandasana.  It looks like you are just holding a low push-up, … Continue reading Fearless 14: Knees-Chest-Chin

Fearless 14: Goddess

For Day 3, we will be doing Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana.  I love this pose because it requires strength and a bit of surrender.  The two previous Warrior poses can be quite vigorous as well, but this pose relies heavily on the strength of the pelvis, core, and thighs...quite literally the center of creation … Continue reading Fearless 14: Goddess

Fearless 14: Warrior III

Day 2 of our challenge is Warrior III or Virabhadrasana III.  Balancing poses are great for calming and refocusing the mind.  If you can learn to balance on your mat, you are well on your way to having balance in any other part of your life. Popping up into this can be challenging for beginners, … Continue reading Fearless 14: Warrior III