Don’t Perform. Practice.

I love teaching Crow pose to beginners.  Yes, it’s not technically a “beginning” pose, but I find that everyone can work on some aspect.  Maybe you can start by sitting in a low squat (even if you can’t do a low squat, you can practice lowering your squat from wherever it currently is).  If you canContinue reading “Don’t Perform. Practice.”

Get Out of Bed Yoga

Yesterday’s post about depression got me thinking.  There are times when we feel so bad that the notion of getting dressed and heading out into the world for a yoga class is too far of a leap.  Today, I made a class that meets you where you are.  All you have to do is roll overContinue reading “Get Out of Bed Yoga”

Demystifying Mula Bandha

I made a short beginner friendly yoga video.  I hope it is the first of many.  Here’s a clip of that class where I explain just where that pesky pelvic floor is and how to incorporate it into your yoga practice.  Happy exploring!  

Fearless 14: Dolphin

We are halfway through the Fearless 14 Challenge, and tomorrow’s pose is Dolphin. If you have wrist problems, I recommend doing Dolphin pose instead of Downward Facing Dog.  Dolphin is great on its own though.  It’s an upper body, back and core strengthener while providing a great stretch for your calves and hamstrings.  You canContinue reading “Fearless 14: Dolphin”

Fearless 14: Upward Plank

It’s Day 6, and my clothes are back on!  There are several “heart openers” included in this fearless challenge.  If your chest is open, you breathe better.  When you breathe better, you tend to do better.  Maybe we need sufficient oxygen to our brains to make good decisions.  Who knows?  Try this simple task:  While sittingContinue reading “Fearless 14: Upward Plank”

Fearless 14: Knees-Chest-Chin

You’ve made it to Day 4!  Vinyasa classes usually incorporate some Sun Salutations.  If you aren’t familiar with the sequence, you can get more details in my post about Yoga Malas.  One of the hardest (and most confusing) parts of the Sun Salutation is Chaturanga Dandasana.  It looks like you are just holding a low push-up,Continue reading “Fearless 14: Knees-Chest-Chin”

Fearless 14: Goddess

For Day 3, we will be doing Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana.  I love this pose because it requires strength and a bit of surrender.  The two previous Warrior poses can be quite vigorous as well, but this pose relies heavily on the strength of the pelvis, core, and thighs…quite literally the center of creationContinue reading “Fearless 14: Goddess”

Fearless 14: Warrior III

Day 2 of our challenge is Warrior III or Virabhadrasana III.  Balancing poses are great for calming and refocusing the mind.  If you can learn to balance on your mat, you are well on your way to having balance in any other part of your life. Popping up into this can be challenging for beginners,Continue reading “Fearless 14: Warrior III”

Day 20: Upward Facing Dog

It’s Day 20, and we are doing Upward Facing Dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. If you’ve been following these Instagram Challenge posts this month, you might notice a common thread.  There’s a lot of “checking your ego at the door” with yoga.  Upward Facing Dog is no different. If this pose is too intense orContinue reading “Day 20: Upward Facing Dog”