Don’t Perform. Practice.

I love teaching Crow pose to beginners.  Yes, it's not technically a "beginning" pose, but I find that everyone can work on some aspect.  Maybe you can start by sitting in a low squat (even if you can't do a low squat, you can practice lowering your squat from wherever it currently is).  If you can … Continue reading Don’t Perform. Practice.

BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

We are doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day, and today we've moved beyond all that Sun Salutation business and on to the standing postures.  You are probably familiar with regular old Crescent Lunge.  Today, we are just doing that with a twist. Starting from Crescent lunge, bring your hands together at your chest … Continue reading BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

Fearless 14: Dolphin

We are halfway through the Fearless 14 Challenge, and tomorrow's pose is Dolphin. If you have wrist problems, I recommend doing Dolphin pose instead of Downward Facing Dog.  Dolphin is great on its own though.  It's an upper body, back and core strengthener while providing a great stretch for your calves and hamstrings.  You can … Continue reading Fearless 14: Dolphin