Episode 5 – Did I join a cult?

Did you watch "Wild Wild Country" on Netflix? Lauren talks about her Osho Tarot deck that she bought fifteen years ago not knowing anything about Osho. (Does divination and Zen Buddhism mix?) She also talks about some questions the film left her with. Where'd Rajneesh get all that dang money? What happened to the children … Continue reading Episode 5 – Did I join a cult?

HOLY HIPS!: Hip Mobility Workshop in Exeter, NH

December 12, 2015, 2:00-4:00pm Seacoast Power Yoga, Exeter, NH Do you regularly practice yoga, but feel like you are making no progress with your hip flexibility? If poses like Half Pigeon and Frog always seem more like torture than yoga, then you probably have challenges with hip mobility. Whether you spend most of your days … Continue reading HOLY HIPS!: Hip Mobility Workshop in Exeter, NH

Don’t Perform. Practice.

I love teaching Crow pose to beginners.  Yes, it's not technically a "beginning" pose, but I find that everyone can work on some aspect.  Maybe you can start by sitting in a low squat (even if you can't do a low squat, you can practice lowering your squat from wherever it currently is).  If you can … Continue reading Don’t Perform. Practice.

Make the Choice

I've begun my meditation workshop series, and I'm participating in my studio's 40 Days program.  Not only am I doing my own exercises I designed for my workshop, but I've been upping my meditation sessions to twice a day.  A lot of space has suddenly appeared in my life.  At first, it was energizing, peaceful.  Then, … Continue reading Make the Choice

BYEDD: Eagle

All month long (National Yoga Month, ya'll) we've been revisiting Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power and doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day. Today, we are looking at Eagle pose or Garudasana. I've recently learned that in English we translate the root Sanskrit word "Garuda" into Eagle, but Garuda is actually a mythological, king of all … Continue reading BYEDD: Eagle

BYEDD: Prayer Twist

Today's Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day pose is:  Prayer Twist or Parivrtta Utkatasana. Start in Chair pose. Bring your hands together at the chest, and twist from the waist. The waist twisting motion is similar to Twisting Crescent.  Hands are pressed together equally.  Hips should be equal or lower than the shoulders.  Also, be sure to … Continue reading BYEDD: Prayer Twist

BYEDD: Extended Side Angle

Today's pose is Extended Side Angle or Utthita Parsvakonasana.  One of the most challenging aspects of this pose is that it requires a lot of strength from the obliques...you know...your sides.  If you aren't feeling anything in the sides of the abdomen in this pose, you may be making some common mistakes. Here, I am using … Continue reading BYEDD: Extended Side Angle

BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

We are doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day, and today we've moved beyond all that Sun Salutation business and on to the standing postures.  You are probably familiar with regular old Crescent Lunge.  Today, we are just doing that with a twist. Starting from Crescent lunge, bring your hands together at your chest … Continue reading BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

BYEDD: The Jump

So, today's post isn't about a pose exactly; although, it is about an important part of the Sun Salutation:  the Jump.  It's how we get from Downward Facing Dog to Forward Fold.  True, you can just walk your feet up to your hands, but I find that the jump helps one stay in the flow … Continue reading BYEDD: The Jump

BYEDD: Warrior I

Today's pose for Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day is Warrior I. The most common problem here is that people want to get very deep into a lunge or fit into a certain stance that can cause stress on the hips.  The front foot is pointing at 12 o'clock, and the back foot can be anywhere from 9 … Continue reading BYEDD: Warrior I