BYEDD: Eagle

All month long (National Yoga Month, ya'll) we've been revisiting Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power and doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day. Today, we are looking at Eagle pose or Garudasana. I've recently learned that in English we translate the root Sanskrit word "Garuda" into Eagle, but Garuda is actually a mythological, king of all … Continue reading BYEDD: Eagle

BYEDD: Prayer Twist

Today's Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day pose is:  Prayer Twist or Parivrtta Utkatasana. Start in Chair pose. Bring your hands together at the chest, and twist from the waist. The waist twisting motion is similar to Twisting Crescent.  Hands are pressed together equally.  Hips should be equal or lower than the shoulders.  Also, be sure to … Continue reading BYEDD: Prayer Twist

BYEDD: Extended Side Angle

Today's pose is Extended Side Angle or Utthita Parsvakonasana.  One of the most challenging aspects of this pose is that it requires a lot of strength from the know...your sides.  If you aren't feeling anything in the sides of the abdomen in this pose, you may be making some common mistakes. Here, I am using … Continue reading BYEDD: Extended Side Angle

BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

We are doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day, and today we've moved beyond all that Sun Salutation business and on to the standing postures.  You are probably familiar with regular old Crescent Lunge.  Today, we are just doing that with a twist. Starting from Crescent lunge, bring your hands together at your chest … Continue reading BYEDD: Twisting Crescent Lunge

BYEDD: The Jump

So, today's post isn't about a pose exactly; although, it is about an important part of the Sun Salutation:  the Jump.  It's how we get from Downward Facing Dog to Forward Fold.  True, you can just walk your feet up to your hands, but I find that the jump helps one stay in the flow … Continue reading BYEDD: The Jump

BYEDD: Warrior I

Today's pose for Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day is Warrior I. The most common problem here is that people want to get very deep into a lunge or fit into a certain stance that can cause stress on the hips.  The front foot is pointing at 12 o'clock, and the back foot can be anywhere from 9 … Continue reading BYEDD: Warrior I

BYEDD: Chair

Today's pose is Chair or Utkatasana.  It probably should be Upward Facing Dog, but I covered that one in May.  Onto new thangs! (Yes...THANGS) Sometimes chair pose is called "Lightning Bolt" because well, your body is in the shape of a lightning bolt, and the word Utkatasana loosely translates to "fierce" or "powerful" know, like a … Continue reading BYEDD: Chair

BYEDD: Chaturanga Dandasana

OH, DEAR GOD it's Chaturanga!  I have had many many feelings about this pose.  Most of those feelings are negative.  Many people say that Chaturanga Dandasana is horrible for your shoulders, and that to do this pose is to disable your arms for the rest of eternity.  While injury is likely if you do this … Continue reading BYEDD: Chaturanga Dandasana

BYEDD: Forward Fold & Halfway Lift

Today's Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day is about two poses in the Sun Salutation often seen as lackluster.  Forward Fold (Uttanasana) and Halfway Lift (Urdhva Mukha Uttanasana) look easy, but they actually require a bit of body awareness and concentration to execute.  The Sanskrit word "Ut" in Uttanasana means intense which I found confusing as … Continue reading BYEDD: Forward Fold & Halfway Lift

BYEDD: Downward Facing Dog

All this month we are doing Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day (or BYEDD for short).  Today's pose is Downward Facing Dog.  This pose is considered a resting pose, but if you are a beginner to yoga or physical activity, it can feel very much the opposite of rest.  Yogis talk a lot about some of … Continue reading BYEDD: Downward Facing Dog