That is a Beautiful Practice

If you go to enough studio classes, you will hear it said to someone, "You have a beautiful practice."  This used to really bother me.  I'm sure that it was mostly due to the fact that no one ever directed that particular compliment at me.  While, I love to move, I don't think I'm necessarily … Continue reading That is a Beautiful Practice

Teacher, Teach Thyself

"Only one who is finely attuned to the inner guide can inspire the awakening of the inner guide in another." - Swami Rama My practice has moved home the past several weeks.  I'm in this strange and unique place of being a part of a group of teachers that will be a part of a studio.  … Continue reading Teacher, Teach Thyself

All You Need to Know About Chaturanga

Y'all.  You know I have Chaturanga issues.  I've talked about this pendulum I'm on from strife to acceptance for years.    Well, in February, that ended. Nagging shoulder pain? Gone. Inability to "do it perfectly"?  Um, I actually could do it. Check out this segment of J. Brown's Gentle Is the New Advanced that will change your Chaturanga … Continue reading All You Need to Know About Chaturanga

What a Yoga Practice Looks Like

"To be a miner of diamonds, take care of your picks and shovels.  To be a miner of your spiritual Self, take care of your body, breath, and mind.  But don't confuse the tools and the goals."   -Swami Jnaneshvara This is the second part of my yoga social media experiment that I talked about last … Continue reading What a Yoga Practice Looks Like

What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

Two years ago, I finished my yoga teacher training, and I embarked on my first Instagram challenge and even blogged about it here.  I noticed that not every yogi on the internet looked like me, and I wanted to add to some diversity of images.  And by diversity, I mean diversity of ability.  I felt at the … Continue reading What Does a Yoga Practice Look Like?

A Fertile Ground

Y'all.  I'm confused. I'm in this really awesome 300 hour power yoga teacher training.  It's hard.  We sweat.  There is pounding, vibrant music.  There are tears.  There is community.  I also just finished this incredible two day workshop with J. Brown called "Gentle is the New Advanced."  (Pre-sale going on now!) It was quiet, tender, and … Continue reading A Fertile Ground

Pose Tutorial: Hot-Mess-Asana

As a long time yoga practitioner, I know the benefits of taking my problems to my mat.  Sometimes the most insurmountable problems can look like molehills after a few minutes in a class.  Then, there are those other days.  Those days when there's only one asana you can maintain, and it's Hot-Mess-Asana. I'm not talking … Continue reading Pose Tutorial: Hot-Mess-Asana

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

  “Actions truly born of one’s nature, even if they contain fault, should not be relinquished. For all undertakings are covered by some fault, just as fire is covered by smoke.” - The Bhagavad Gita Several years ago I was sitting in my therapist's office having an anxiety attack over my gym membership.  I didn't like … Continue reading Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Get off my Limb: Why Asana-only yoga is still yoga.

In my early twenties, I ordered the popular DVD workout series, "Yoga Booty Ballet" out of desperation to get a slammin' hot yoga bod.  My only exposure to yoga before this was another exercise DVD, but the Yoga Booty Ballet late night infomercial viewed after a evening of binge drinking had me convinced that I needed this in my … Continue reading Get off my Limb: Why Asana-only yoga is still yoga.