What is TIMBo?

Who is TIMBo for?

  • The TIMBo program is trauma informed and gender responsive (designed to be suitable for women who have experienced trauma) and is appropriate for everyone, regardless of an individual’s exposure to trauma or experience with yoga.  TIMBo is for any woman seeking assistance coping with stress and/or difficult emotions.  By the time we are adults, most of us have experienced chronic stress or traumatic life events. Sometimes our emotions get stuck on “high” and are easily triggered, or we may try to shut off some of our emotions altogether. Stress and trauma can build up in our bodies, causing emotions to get lodged there and blocking us from our own inner experiences. We may have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or other stress responses, all of which can limit us or reduce our ability to make good choices about our health, habits, relationships, and behaviors.

What will TIMBo teach me?

  • From the first session, TIMBo will give you tools to cope with stress in the body.  These tools are accessible and can be performed at anytime by anyone.  TIMBo teaches participants to connect with their own bodies in the present moment, and previous research has shown that this leads to significantly higher levels of self-compassion (Rousseau and Jackson 2014).  Study participants also reported increased levels of calmness, awareness, and understanding of their own emotions. 

Meet Your Facilitator:

JMH_3522 (2)Lauren Burkart is a yoga instructor and licensed TIMBo facilitator.  She left a career in social work due to compassion fatigue, depression, and debilitating anxiety. She found healing through yoga and meditation.  While mainly interested in TIMBo from a desire to help others, the program was paramount in initiating the healing process in her own life: “This program taught me that everything I’ve been through, the pain I have felt, the obstacles I have faced were not flaws.  They were gifts.  Every person can heal, and any person can help others do the same.”

Where can I find a TIMBo group?

Groups are run online or in person.  For a list of all current groups, check the yogaHOPE website.

Private TIMBo coaching sessions are available one-on-one.  Please contact me for more information.

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