Yoga People Problems Podcast – Episode 2: Danged Ol’ Yoga Police

Episode 2 is all about the Yoga Police…I mean, the Yoga Alliance.  Mostly I talked about how I rage quit the new Yoga Alliance standards review survey, but after some settling down, I get into my thoughts about conflicts of interest, horrible member perks, and their delivery (or lack thereof) on their promises.  Should we boycott?  How many hours would it take for you to be good at something?  Do we need to take a test?  Who is gonna write that thing?  I don’t have the answers, but I’m sure as hell going to talk about it.  Then, I fantasize about quitting the internet.

I still think you should fill out this dang yoga police survey if you haven’t already regardless of your opinion on Yoga Alliance.  You can find it here:

Have an opinion on topics for the next episode or need to speak your mind about your yoga people problems?  Send me an email (click Contact on my website:


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