Addendum 1/15/2020: In light of recent information about J. Brown, I have made a statement, but I have chosen to leave this post relatively intact. It does not reflect my current view of him as a teacher.

Y’all.  You know I have Chaturanga issues.  I’ve talked about this pendulum I’m on from strife to acceptance for years.    Well, in February, that ended.

Nagging shoulder pain? Gone.

Inability to “do it perfectly”?  Um, I actually could do it.

Check out this segment of J. Brown’s Gentle Is the New Advanced that will change your Chaturanga (and your feelings about it) forever. (Yes, Mom, that is me a few minutes in.)

Amazing, huh?  This course changed my life and my experience of being in this body.  Most of my pain is gone.  My posture?  Slammin’.  My mind?  Well, just a touch more relaxed.  My Chaturanga?  Comfortable.  Yep.  Comfortable.  I whole-heartedly recommend this course, not because I was in it, but because I felt the changes in my body for myself.  This is yoga.