December 12, 2015, 2:00-4:00pm

Seacoast Power Yoga, Exeter, NHimage

Do you regularly practice yoga, but feel like you are making no progress with your hip flexibility? If poses like Half Pigeon and Frog always seem more like torture than yoga, then you probably have challenges with hip mobility. Whether you spend most of your days being active or sitting, tension can build in the hips which causes immobility or even lead to low back pain or even knee pain. In this class we will discuss modifications for challenging poses, common ways you may unknowingly bring about hip tension in your yoga practice, and how you can go deeper into the hips minus the struggle.

This all-levels class will begin with a heated flow designed to warm up the legs, hips and core, and we will end with a series of hip openers. We will break these poses down to make them accessible for your individual body and flexibility, and we will explore how to safely and patiently approach deeper hip mobility.

$30 – $5 off for those that enroll before 12/1/15. Monthly members receive 10% off in addition to the $5 off before 12/1/15 bringing the price of the workshop to $22.

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