What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the clouds to clear?  Waiting for everyone else to catch up?  Waiting for the day it “feels right?”  the moment you have all the approval you need?  to lose those last 20 pounds?

None of those things are guaranteed to arrive.  You can spend a lifetime waiting for them to get here, or you can get out there right now and live a passionate, inspired, wholehearted kind of life:  the kind of life where you stop waiting and start experiencing.

People are going to judge you.  We all do it.  The problem isn’t that they judge.  The problem is you think their judgments have anything to do with you.  A life spent waiting is a life unlived.  When we wait for “x” to happen we put all our eggs in one basket.  We assume our future is guaranteed.  The only thing we have is now, and the longer we wait the more “nows” get turned into “back thens.”

You don’t have to climb a mountain in a day, but you have to get started on the path.  You have to make the decision to put your shoes on, and then maybe you walk out the door.  Didn’t get that far?  Here is another moment for you to try again.  There is another one.  Every moment, every breath is another opportunity. Another clean slate.

Don’t wait another second.