We are doing a little Baptiste Yoga Every Damn Day, and today we’ve moved beyond all that Sun Salutation business and on to the standing postures.  You are probably familiar with regular old Crescent Lunge.  Today, we are just doing that with a twist.
Twisted Crescent LungeStarting from Crescent lunge, bring your hands together at your chest and twist from the waist to bring the elbow to the outside of the knee. From here, continue pressing hands together firmly while engaging the core and opening the chest.  Your hands should be as close to the center of the chest as you can get them.  If it feels okay for your neck, look up.

The twisting from the waist is very important.  You can assist the core by pushing your top hand into the bottom hand.  Many people try to just use the bottom elbow to push the whole chest up which can be rough on your shoulder joint, and creates less than ideal spinal alignment.  Take the next picture for example:

photo 3 The version at the top is using the abdominal muscles to twist while keeping the torso upright. The bottom picture is what happens when the core is just along for the ride, and you are relying too heavily on your bottom shoulder and elbow to keep you upright. If you push the top hand into the bottom hand while using the abdominals to keep your torso lifted off the thigh, you can correct this.

If all of this is too difficult, you can always bring the back knee down.  If the twisting motion is hard to get down, just bring a hand or forearm down to the front knee and twist.  This way you can get down the sensation of that wringing motion at the waist before adding your shoulders into the mix.

Twisted Crescent Modify