This month, I’m focusing on getting back to the basics.  I talked before about having doubts about my teaching, my practice, and even myself, and I think the best method for dealing with it all is just to quiet all the external input and get back to what you know.  In regards to yoga, Baptiste Yoga is mostly what I know.  Several years ago I bought his Journey Into Power DVD without ever stepping into a studio class.  When I went to my first Baptiste style class years later, I thought I was going to rock all of these poses and be the best yoga student ever.  Well, I didn’t exactly do that.  The experience was completely humbling.  Up until that point, humbling experiences were something I avoided like the plague, but with this, I seriously just wanted to keep trying, keep being humbled, keep falling down, keep getting back up.  I loved it.

Child's PoseThis month, I’m revisiting Baron’s Journey Into Power book, and I’m beginning with Child’s Pose or Balasana.  I start the majority of my classes in this pose.  The motion of resting your forehead on the ground is relaxing and grounding.  If you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed, this is a great pose to be in and just breathe.  When I have a new student, I always show them this pose first. It’s a great resting pose for when one is out of breath.  I also like that while you are resting you are facing the floor.  You aren’t just sitting on your mat looking at all the other students doing what you cannot do; in Child’s pose you are forced to be with your body, your self, and your own ability.  Here are two ways Child’s pose is commonly done.  The bottom version is my favorite because it feels better on my upper back.  This is also a good pose to take when you have been upside down for a while (like in Headstand) to allow the body to readjust.

Take time for humility and surrender today.  Surrender does not mean giving up or being weak; it means to stop striving and grasping for what we think we need.  Through humility we drop our desire for how things “should be,” and our world view can change in an instant.  Instead of seeing all that we lack, we see what riches we already have.