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Poses to Stretch the Quadriceps: Crescent Lunge

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my #shesgotlegs posts have stopped.  I’ve reached that point in the challenge of putting my legs over my head, and I can’t do any of the remaining poses.  I’ve also discovered a very unfortunate side effect of all the stretching of the back of the legs. This week my left knee buckled backwards, and I stumbled and fell.  For two days I was experiencing some discomfort in the back of my knee, and it would hyperextend easily. My hamstrings became flexible while my quadriceps were tight.  I spent some time foam rolling my quads and stretching the front side of the body, and the issue has been resolved, fortunately.  I had made the rookie mistake of concentrating my practice on one part of the body instead of trying a more balanced approach.

Poses to Stretch the Quadriceps: Seal

It’s possible that even my ego got a little caught up in this flexibility challenge, but the body always has a way of bringing us back down to earth.  We get sick or injured, and we learn that there’s only one way we can be in this body without suffering. Drop your plans.  Drop your ego.  Just be here.  Be here with your hyperextended knees, your headaches, your allergies, your menstrual cramps, your hunger, and your fullness.  Here, in the present, is the only time we can actually do anything.  It’s the only time we can experience and inquire about what we actually need.  It’s the only time we can discover that what we need is not only different, but better and even kinder than our plans.

If you find your body needs some quad stretches too, I included these past pictures of some asanas that open the front of the hips and thighs.  Stay balanced my friends.

Poses to Stretch the Quadriceps:  Bow
Poses to Stretch the Quadriceps: Bow