We did a version of tomorrow’s pose in May’s yoga challenge, and I wanted to revisit it.  The pose is a variation of Pigeon or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana.  I also want to start off by reiterating that cats do not care about yoga.

PigeonANYWAY:  In many classes you fold forward at the hips and rest on your forearms or head for a relaxing stretch.  I find when you stay upright you get a deeper stretch in the hip flexors of the extended leg.  In order to stay upright, you have to engage your pelvic floor and lower abdominals as well.  Stay open and broad in the chest regardless of whatever pet decides to walk by. 🙂


One thing I’ve noticed recently is that I constantly apologize.  I often start opinions with “I’m sorry.”  As in, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think florals and plaids should be worn together.”  I accidentally bumped into my husband in the kitchen..”Sorry!”  He burned his tongue on some hot chili.  “Sorry!”  We laugh at each other frequently because we are always apologizing to one another for things that are not our faults.  Apologizing when you’ve done wrong can be healing in relationships; however, I find that my constant apologetic behavior for having opinions, taking up space, or just plain existing just diminishes my presence in the world.  I know I’ve been like this for a long time.  I must have done it when I was a kid because I remember apologizing, and my grandmother (my Memaw) would reply, “Sorry for what?  Sorry for livin’?”

Today, I was opening a window in the back bedroom and the handle on the window came off into my hand.  It was only held in by wood glue instead of screws, and I went to show my husband.  Instead of saying the usual, “I’m sorry.”  I said, “Look what happened.  It was an accident.”  What I said was the truth.  It was an accident, easily fixable, and not worthy of an apology.  Sometimes, “sorry” can serve as a way to make a VERY big deal out of the completely mundane.

Notice when you apologize.  What are you apologizing for?  What is your “sorry” trying to communicate?  Do you notice a pattern?  Try to give up the “S” word for a day.  Do you feel different?