I had originally planned for Savasana (or Corpse pose) to be your last pose of the challenge.  After moving furniture for two days, I’m beat.  I was trying to push through it for the sake of fearlessness, but honestly, my body is wiped.  Many people (and sometimes myself unfortunately), associate rest with weakness.  Sometimes it takes quite a bit of bravery to go against the grain and say, “Hey, folks.  I’m tired.  I’m just going to rest now.”  We participate in Corpse pose at the end of every practice to dedicate some time to rest and quiet.  Corpse pose, like rest, is necessary and actually…inevitable.

Spend 5 minutes in a quiet resting position.  I recommend laying supine on the ground with palms facing the ceiling.  Feel free to place a bolster or pillow under your knees if you have low back pain.  Find a position you can commit to being in motionlessly for 5 whole minutes.  A common question I get from beginners is:  “What am I supposed to be doing in Savasana?”  Well, the answer is:  Do what corpses do.  Nothing.  It can be a scary concept to be left to your own devices.  A recent article in the Atlantic talks about a study in which the majority test subjects preferred electrical shocks than being left with their own thoughts.  If you notice a train of thought coming up as you are resting, just refocus on your breathing.  Speaking of breath, you don’t have to struggle to have very deep exaggerated breaths.  Simply breathe as you normally would.

Enjoy your rest.  I’ll be back tomorrow.