We are halfway through the Fearless 14 Challenge, and tomorrow’s pose is Dolphin.

DolphinIf you have wrist problems, I recommend doing Dolphin pose instead of Downward Facing Dog.  Dolphin is great on its own though.  It’s an upper body, back and core strengthener while providing a great stretch for your calves and hamstrings.  You can keep your knees bent if your upper back is rounded, and your heels don’t have to touch the ground.  Press your forearms firmly into the ground while pointing your tailbone up to the ceiling.  Stay here and breathe for 10 full breaths.

I went through a pretty rough period two years ago when I had a work related wrist injury.  I stopped going to yoga class because I thought that since I couldn’t do the exact pose the teacher was calling, I shouldn’t even try.  I was to embarrassed to ask for help or tell my teacher what was happening.  So, after months of doing nothing, I got fed up, and started researching how to do yoga with wrist injuries.  I know it sounds silly, but Dolphin pose was the beginning of a big shift for me.  I, finally, gave myself permission to modify poses.  I didn’t have to be “all or nothing,” and I could do my yoga the way I needed for my injuries and for my body.

I know that I am not the only one who has struggled with modifying poses.  I still see students struggle with this in my classes.  I can give many options to modify, and they are dead set on attempting something regardless of pain.  Do you often find yourself pushing through pain?  Examine your motives.  Do you do it to impress people?  Are you afraid of what others might say?  What does it mean if you don’t do what you are told?

Keep living bravely.