It’s Day 6, and my clothes are back on!  There are several “heart openers” included in this fearless challenge.  If your chest is open, you breathe better.  When you breathe better, you tend to do better.  Maybe we need sufficient oxygen to our brains to make good decisions.  Who knows?  Try this simple task:  While sitting down curl your shoulders inward.  Really slump over.  Just go limp.  How is your breathing?  How do you feel overall? Now, sit with your back against a wall. Press your shoulder blades together and down on your back.  Keep your neck straight, and breathe.  Notice a difference?  How does one position feel in comparison to the other?  Just notice.

Today’s pose will open up the whole front side of the body which is helpful if you have a job where you sit for many hours a day.  Upward Plank or Purvottanasana is a core strengthener that will energize the body.  A great pose to do on your lunch break!

Crab Upward Plank

Begin in a Staff position.  Bend your knees and push up with your feet until you come into Crab position seen here.  Wrists should be directly under shoulders with fingers pointed inward.  Push with your feet to raise your hips.  If this is challenging enough for your, stay here or go into the full expression of this pose by straightening your legs.  Hold this for 5 to 10 full breaths.

Today, we finally got our storage pod with everything we own delivered so I spent most of the day lifting and moving furniture.  I’m going to count lifting heavy things until my limbs went numb as my “out of my comfort zone” moment.  Keep letting me know how you are pushing your comfort zone boundaries.