It’s Day 5, and I’m still getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.  I openly admit that learning to accept my body has been a life long journey for me.  Posting pictures of myself doing yoga in of itself is an uncomfortable exercise.  I have come a long way in the past six months, but I sometimes still struggle with looking at my body with a critical eye.

So, today, for my uncomfortable moment of the day, I took my asana pictures at the beach…in a bathing suit.  I’m 99% sure that I have destroyed all previous bathing suit pictures of me after the age of 3…until today.  Hold on to your hats, students.  It’s me…half-naked…not really caring all too much about what I look like…and holy shit, I’m smiling.

Sphinx Seal1 Seal2

This is Sphinx pose.  Your elbows will be under your shoulders.  Your hands and forearms will press into the ground.  Push your breastbone forward and broaden the chest.

If Sphinx feels okay on your low back, you can straighten your elbows for Seal pose.  If that feels okay, you can shift your hands under your shoulders for a deeper backbend.  And if THAT feels okay, well then bend your knees and lift your toes up to the sky because you are a beautiful seal!  See if you can hold Sphinx or Seal for 1 minute.


During this whole “scantily clad picture” debacle I was afraid I would feel exposed, and I’m finding now that I just feel free.  When we confront fear, we become vulnerable, and through vulnerability, we achieve actual connection.  We experience a deeper connection to others, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Put yourself out there.

Feel freedom…finally.