Day 1 is Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II. What better way to start a challenge about fearlessness than one named after a Warrior? This pose requires focus, strength, and perseverance. All of these things are needed to live fearlessly.

Warrior 2 left

First, one of the most important parts of this pose is the feet. Give your Warrior a steady foundation by having active feet. The outer edge of your back foot should be glued to the ground. Your feet are your anchors here. You aren’t simply standing. You are PUSHING your feet into the ground. Your front knee should be over your ankle and tracking over the little side toe of the foot. If you are doing this, you will feel a stretch in your inner thighs and in the front of your hips. Arms should be active and strong. Your gaze should be focused on the middle finger of your front hand.

Settle in to this pose and hold for 10 deep breaths. In my practice, I found holding my arms up for extended periods of time caused me some anxiety. Most people can hold this lunge all day everyday, but the urge to drop your arms or wiggle them feels unavoidable. When you feel the urge to drop your arms, visualize your breath traveling to your shoulders and giving them strength. Breathe air into all the places that are burning. Make a commitment to yourself to hold it for ten breaths. If you find yourself needing to stop, remember the number of breaths you held the pose, and try again for the same amount of time + 1 more breath. When you’ve done this, switch legs and repeat on the other side.

Another part of our challenge here is to do one thing everyday that you wouldn’t normally do and share it here or on my Facebook page. I know there is a famous quote about doing one thing everyday that scares you, but I find that intimidating. I’m inviting you guys to take small steps out of your comfort zone. It can be anything from, driving a different way to work, trying a new flavor of tea, or offering to help a stranger. If it’s something you don’t usually do, it’s fair game.

My unusual thing I did today was ask for help.  I usually try to act like I know what I’m doing, and hate asking questions.  Today, I was at a new yoga studio and I was unfamiliar with how to check in or pay, and I simply asked someone.  Me admitting I don’t know something…way out of my comfort zone.  I’m eager to see you stepping out of the box the next two weeks, and feel free to share by tagging #fearless14 and #4petalsyoga to your posts.