I have finally made it to the State of New Hampshire, and I’m ready to yoga. There is an overwhelming amount of studios here all with varieties of yoga that I’ve never practiced before. I’m still trying to find my “yoga home” here, and in the meantime, I’m going to be spending a lot of time teaching in my online home, 4 Petals Yoga.

After May’s very fun Instagram challenge, I had planned to do one of my own for June. Well, my big move got in the way of planning, and I decided to postpone it until this month so I can dedicate myself to doing it right. The theme is fearlessness, and it is a 14 day challenge comprised of 14 poses designed to help anyone be confident and build courage in the face of anything. How, you ask? The challenge is full of “heart and hip openers” that make it possible for your to breathe deep and feel flexible, and when you can breathe and move, you are just more likely to conquer your inner and outer demons. (Although, the outer demons really are just inner ones, right?)

The night before, I will post the pose for the following day. All you have to do is do the pose. Feel free to post yourself on Instagram or Facebook with #fearless14 and #4petalsyoga. Not into exposing yourself on the internet? Comment here or on my Facebook page everyday with one thing you did that was out of your comfort zone.

Later today I will post tomorrow’s pose and my own “out of my comfort zone” deed of the day.  Stay tuned.