It’s Day 28, and the pose is Plow or Halasana.

I meant to post this picture yesterday, but honestly, I couldn’t do this pose.  It was morning.  I warmed up, but my neck was still stiff.   Be kind to your cervical spine folks.  You don’t win points for permanently injuring your neck.  Today, however, was a different day.   For whatever reason, I had no discomfort at all.  So, onward with the bending.


First, let me address something about inversions that isn’t addressed enough in many yoga classes:  BREASTS.  I used to feel pretty ridiculous in inversions like Shoulder stand and Plow because my breasts were all up in my face.  Actually, they are not just in my face; they are smothering me.  I still laugh at myself a little bit because it looks like I might suffocate myself with MYSELF.  There isn’t much of a solution other than to strap those puppies down.  I just wanted to acknowledge here that body meat does exist, and when you add gravity to that body meat, breasts to the face happen.  It IS okay.

Female anatomy aside, if you are experiencing neck discomfort, you can try putting a folded blanket under your neck or trying a less strenuous inversion like Legs Up a Wall or Waterfall.