Day 23 was Tree pose again so I didn’t do a post for that yesterday.  Onward to new things!

Today is Day 24, and that means it’s time for Monkey pose or Hanumanasana.  This pose is scary.  Okay, so maybe that’s me projecting all of my fears onto you guys.  Nevertheless, Monkey can be intimidating, and I also have to confront this fear that my legs are going to just snap off my pelvis by attempting it.  It’s all going to be okay though.  Just BREATHE.  (I’m totally still talking to myself right now.)


Whew! I didn’t dislocate anything. All kidding aside, if you can do a low Crescent Lunge and have two blocks you can begin to practice this pose.  Start in a low Crescent Lunge, and slowly start pushing your front foot out in front of you.  As you can see here, I am using two yoga blocks to stay lifted and balance myself.  You can try turning them vertically if you need even more of a lift.  I also found this pose was easier to get in and out of on the carpet than my sticky yoga mat.

I find much of my yoga practice is about learning to trust my body, and knowing that my body cannot fail me.  This is a big problem for MANY people.  We crash diet because we think our bodies failed us.  We binge eat because our body failed that diet we needed for our failing body.  When we are sick, we rage against our own physical form.  How dare MY body stop me from doing what I want?  Do any of these sound familiar?  The body has a system for alerting you of it’s needs.  The throat is dry when thirsty and the stomach growls when hungry.  Even pain or illness in the body is a signal.  The signals are never the problem.  They are neutral.  They are just information.  It’s when we ignore the information that we truly injure ourselves.

Take care.