Day 17: Triangle

Day 17:  Triangle pose or Utthita Trikonasana


You may remember that we visited Triangle previously.  I’ve always liked this pose.

Your front leg should be straight but not locked out, and the position of your back foot should be at 90 degrees, but this can vary depending on who your teacher is.  If you can get your hand all the way to the ground, great.  Feel free to use a block or even rest your bottom hand on your shin or thigh.

You can look up, but if it’s painful for your neck, looking down is fine.  I wasn’t always able to look up in this pose due to some neck and shoulder issues.  For a brief time, I had a lot of judgement towards myself about it.  Sometimes, we attach a lot of meaning to fairly insignificant things.  If you can’t move your head to the side, you might think it means your getting old.  Getting old to you might mean that you are dying, insignificant, wasting away, etc.  In reality, you just have limited mobility in this moment, but in your mind you are dying and disabled.  It doesn’t give you much room to change if you are constantly interpreting yourself through a judgmental filter. Notice today when you try to place a meaning onto an event.  Try to take everything at face value, and notice how you feel.

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