I got a little behind on my challenge so I’m playing catch up.  Life has gotten a little crazy lately, but one thing that is keeping me grounded oddly enough is my daily practice and writing these little posts to you (even if it’s just my mom and a few friends reading).

Day 15:  Lizard or Utthan Pristhasana

Lizard on hands

Your foot will be on the outside of your hands (unlike a crescent lunge in where your front foot falls between your hands). You can stay like this, or come onto the edge of your front foot and drop to your forearms like this:


I’m wearing some shorts that I have only worn outside of my house twice. I tried to run in them once, and they kept riding up.  They didn’t just ride up my legs, they rode into just about every…um..crevice of my body.  At that time (a few years ago), I took this very personally.  I felt that my body had failed me…and my running shorts.  Instead of thinking, “I need to take these back because they are not suitably made for the activity I need them for,” I thought, “My meaty legs are going to swallow every piece of clothing I have because they are HORRIBLE vacuum stumps of doom!”  A 20 dollar piece of spandex had sent me into a shame spiral.

Today, I put those suckers on.  The shame spiral didn’t start, and they still ride up.  My body didn’t fail me.  They are just cheap ass shorts.  This may be a simple concept, but I know many people who have had this same experience.  You put on a shirt that doesn’t fit anymore, and you believe the lie that there’s something now wrong with you.  When you practice mindfulness, you start to see the truth that you are just fine the way you are.  There’s no spandex in the world that can separate you from that.