Day 2 of the Instagram Challenge is Revolved Half Moon or Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana.

IMG_0708You may notice that I am twisting away from the camera.  That is because twisting to the right is easier for me than twisting to the left.  Here is what I look like twisting the other way:

IMG_0706It’s much harder for my body to twist this direction.

You might find the same thing in your yoga practice. Differences like this can be caused for many reasons:  past injuries, spinal rotation, or musculoskeletal disorders like scolosis.  In most cases, we just habitually do actions on one side of the body so one side gets really good and coordinated, and the other side is just a floppy mess.  Twists like this are great for retraining your body and brain to incorporate both sides of the body in movement.

Here are some other common concerns for Revolved Half Moon:

I can’t balance in this:  It’s supposed to be challenging, so if you are finding that this is difficult, you are doing it right!  I am using a block to balance here, and they are very helpful.  If you find yourself resisting using a block, check in with your ego.  Getting assistance from a tool is not only suggested, sometimes it is necessary.  If you don’t have a block, hang on to a chair, jar of mayonnaise, your cat or whatever is lying around. (OMG Don’t balance on your cat.  They do not like that.)

What if I can’t twist either way:  This pose is very challenging for the core and the muscles of the pelvis.  You will want to twist from your abdomen and not your hips.  If it still isn’t happening, try taking out the twist and just do Half Moon Pose.