I’m having a bad day.

Are yoga teachers supposed to have bad days?  Well, I know that they do because yoga teachers are humans, and I think it’s pretty safe to assume that all humans have bad days.  We have PMS (or at least the female ones do), we have taxes, we have nightmares about earthquakes that keep us up all night.  Well, maybe those statements specifically are about me, but I think it speaks to the universal truth that we all have our “stuff.”

So, I have a confession, I, your neighborhood yoga teacher have “stuff”.  Some days I’m flying high on all this yoga, but I have my moments of cursing in traffic, laying on the couch watching daytime tv, and crying over spilled milk.  I’ve taken my stuff to the mat, and sometimes it all fades away.  Sometimes, it’s present more than ever.  It may be surprising to hear a yoga teacher say that yoga doesn’t cure everything, but I honestly mean it.  Yoga is just a tool in the tool box.

The bad days are here for a reason, or at least that is my understanding of it.  I can’t tell you why you have your bad days, and I can’t tell you how to make them stop.  I CAN teach you some poses that are great for your physical health, how to get in these poses in a way that will reduce the likelihood of injury, and some meditation exercises that might benefit you mentally.  Maybe you will use things on your next bad day, and you will feel better.  I promise you that there will come a time when your bad day will persist.  It persists because it deserves to be acknowledged, to be looked at, to be considered.  It persists because it must.