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It’s easy to feel good when the sun is shining, you have no obligations, and you know where your car keys are.  Add a rain storm, sleeping through your alarm, and being late for work, and you can go from zero to insanity in mere seconds.  Yoga is a practice in finding peace among chaos.  We all feel the serenity at the end of class while laying in Savasana.  There’s nowhere you need to be.  All of your work is done.  Can I find peace when my head’s upside down in Wheel?  Is my serenity with me in a shoulder stand when my feet are up in the air?  Can I find calm in Bow pose when I’m trying to not vomit up my lunch I ate too fast right before class?


Every pose and every breath is a meditation.  Yoga is a practice of finding stillness within action, peace among the pieces, and comfort in the discomfort.  After a time, you just might find if I can do yoga HERE, I can do it anywhere.