One big challenge I’ve always had in my life is the inability to ask for help.  I don’t like to admit I don’t know something.  I certainly won’t admit I can’t do something.  My pattern would usually go something like this:

1.  Someone asks me to do something.

2.  I immediately panic because I don’t know how/am not able to and admitting so is not an option.


The disaster phase can look a few different ways.  Either I avoid the problem or crappily attempt to solve problem in hopes that I can fool them all into thinking I DID know what I was doing.  If those scenarios fail, I would usually open the case of emergency, “Blame someone else!” which might divert their attention long enough for me to get the hell out of there.

Or at least that’s what I was doing until now…

Asking for help is problematic for many people.  We don’t want to admit we are wrong.  We don’t want to be seen as weak.  We don’t want anyone to know the truth…the truth that we haven’t got it all figured out just yet.

I asked for help today, and it wasn’t scary.  It was a relief.

If you find yourself not knowing all the answers, good.

If you can’t do it all on your own, fabulous.

If you feel helpless, alone, in over your head, maybe your work…your life…REQUIRES some else’s help.  You never know until you ask.