Just Noticing

Yoga is not the cure for everything.  Although, it is amazing that with regular practice you just start noticing.  Noticing things like, “Woah, I eat really fast and always in front of the tv.”; “Oh, I don’t really like my job. I was just telling myself I did.”; “I think I do things I don’t like to please people I don’t like.” What you do with your knowledge…your noticing…is entirely up to you.  

Yoga won’t usher you in to peace with a push.  It just opens the window.  Sometimes the view from that window looks like an open prairie, and I’m ready to bolt like my cat on a nice spring day.  Some days the view looks like a hurricane, and if I walk two steps out I might be swallowed whole by the world.  Time after time, I find that no matter how the window looks from here, my window…my mindfulness…my noticing is always a gateway to freedom.  

Just noticing.

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