One of the most frequently skipped parts of the massage routine is the face.  Most people have things to do after their appointment, and they don’t want to contend with reapplying makeup or they have fears of looking greasy due to oil.  If you’ve previously asked your massage therapist to exclude massaging the face, I want to give you a reason to add it back in.  Face massage is one of the best, all-natural, non-invasive, anti-aging treatments there is.  Many people are baffled at what just one session of facial massage can do for their skin.  The moisture of the oil will give you a glow, and over time facial expression lines can appear finer.  Stress and tension in the facial muscles over time can make deep wrinkles in the skin, but facial massage relaxes these muscles and create a more youthful look over time.  

The best thing I like about face massage is that it doesn’t require any fancy chemicals or products.  If you have oil, you can do it.  That extra virgin olive oil isn’t just for your salad dressing anymore; it is an anti-oxidant rich facial moisturizer.  Coconut, castor, avocado, jojoba, grapeseed, and other plant based oils are best.  Mineral oils and petroleum-based products tend to form a barrier instead of absorbing into the skin and moisturizing the face so avoid these products.  

 Try this for yourself!  Start with a nickel-sized amount of your favorite oil, and spend 3 to 5 minutes going in gentle circles using your fingertips around the chin, cheeks, and forehead.  Take a washcloth wet with hot water. (If it is too hot to touch with your bare hands, don’t put it on your face!  We are looking for about the temperature you would use to take a shower.) Drape the washcloth over your face, and allow it to cool.  Take the cool washcloth and wipe any excess oil off of the skin.  You should notice an immediate difference in your skin.


If you would like an even better face massage, ask your massage therapist to include during your next appointment.  I am trained in acupressure, reflexology, and lymph drainage techniques that not only can help you look younger, but it can help relieve symptoms of headaches, TMJD, and reduce facial puffiness.  It can be as simple as a 5 minute facial massage added on to any appointment or I even offer a luxurious 1 hour facial massage.  Call 479-301-2800 today, and book your next massage (with face massage included!).  You won’t regret it.